Welcome to NFPscanner

Network Fingerprint Scanner (NFPscanner) is a web server to decipher biomedical networks by making systematic comparisons to well-studied basic networks. A given biomedical network is characterized as a spectrum-like vector called “network fingerprint”, which contains similarities to basic networks. The similarity is measured by conservations of protein-protein interactions (PPI), sequence and functional annotations. This knowledge-based multidimensional characterization provides an intuitive way to decipher molecular networks, especially for large-scale network comparison and clustering analyses.
The NFPscanner has three highlighted features:

  1. Incorporation of 4 network alignment algorithms ( APcluster, IsoRankN, SPINAL, GHOST);
  2. Manually curated 49 sets of basic networks, retrieved from 6 network databases ( KEGG, Reactome, NCI/PID, SPIKE, HumanCyc, PANTHER, BioCarta );
  3. Visualization of network fingerprint and pairwise alignment .
You are always welcome to improve NFPscanner service by commenting, contribute alignment algorithms and/or special basic network sets. Feel free to contact us if you have any comments or questions on this web server.